Yonathan Lara

Yonathan Lara is a young man passionate for God and His purpose, called to prepare a generation of leaders. Born in 1994, Yonathan is the first child of Gustavo and Karina Lara. From an early age, he began to preach and teach, showing a deep devotion to God and living a life of intimacy with the Holy Spirit. He is currently serving the Lord by traveling around 95 nations to minister and teach what the Lord has given him by His grace.
Yonathan served as an Executive Director at the CEAP “Centro de Entrenamiento de Alta Productividad” (Training Center High productivity),a Bible School with more than 4500 students around the world. He is now part of the Network team UNGE International and LAPET’s project.
Since January 2017, he is married to Miru Gomez and they live in Buneos Aires, Argentina. Together, they serve the Lord with deep love and devotion, as part of the Pastoral Team of Congregation “CTHTN” (Cristo Tú Haces Todo Nuevo). Yonathan and Miru have developed a prophetic ministry, focused on God’s timing to unlock and release destinations and ministries. They are an inspiration for many young people in this generation.